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Bed & Breakfast and Holiday in Ambert : a small town in the country ! Find a bed and breakfast ...

Distance bed and breakfast Ambert: 45km
On the road Chaise Dieu close to Craponne sur Arzon 2 steps from the Haute Loire.
Little town of Auvergne, Ambert is north of the Valley Livradois Forez in the center, in other words a strategic crossroads of Regional Natural Park of Livradois Forez, linking Thiers North and la Chaise Dieu south towards the volcanic Velay so Puy en Velay...

Ambert succeeded admirably the transition between countryside and town: there is in Ambert all the advantages of both without too much inconvenience! which is rare enough to be noted, and that Ambert is much appreciated by those who seek the animation of a city as those who love quiet countryside...

Round town hall, one of the most emblematic monuments of Ambert, by Thursday market day...

Listed Heritage emblem Ambert is its first mayor circular, which sits near the center of town and is truly a remarkable architectural element! There is of course the Church of Saint Jean and also his masterful station from which the Tourist Trains of discovery and where Museum of Agricultural Machinery and steam...

Station d'Ambert, a real landmark in the city
Ambert Station well maintained...

Do not miss the typical market of Ambert every Thursday! a regional markets most alive, the largest and most varied.
Passing a little advice, even if it is relatively easy to park in town, I recommend including Thursday market days, follow the direction of the station, the hotel district, it is indeed a huge parking lot and convenient to the center two!

Tourist Trains of Discovery: check schedules and ready to buy a ticket!?

Discover Ambert is also looking out for his history paper, in particular through the imposing building of the Moulin Richard de Bas and Trail Stationers...

The paper mill Richard de Bas, exceptionally restored building, still produces his paper
Moulin Richard de Bas

Skip to Ambert is of course enjoy to taste the cheese Fourme d'Ambert! You will find this excellent blue cheese routinely to breakfast table!
Nature side Ambert is not left out: around each side, Cols much appreciated motorcycles and bicycles, the beautiful valley of the Dore is surrounded by Livradois mountains and Forez moutains or rub beautiful hiking and mushrooms places, grasslands, crops, livestock and forest lands...

For all these reasons, Ambert is a major destination in the region. For a weekend or holiday, the city deserves to linger!

Closes Les Epicéas waiting for you 2 steps, it is refurbished with a warm and modern comfort.
Contact: 0471036044 / 0601763150
For further information:

Tourist Office of Pays d'Ambert
4 place de l'Hôtel de Ville
63600 AMBERT
Tel: 04 73 82 61 90 - Fax: 04 73 82 48 36

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