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Bed and breakfast : Exploring the volcanoes of Auvergne

The volcanoes of Auvergne, overview tour !

Volcanoes have to be the beautiful visual brand of Auvergne, the leading Puy de Dome, imagine that you Auvergne, from living next to the almost forgotten ! caricature and I just...
Speak about the Auvergne volcanoes in 1 single article would be ridiculously gear, as this article is rather intended to serve as a summary where I will group with links all the elements a little volcanic in Haute Loire and Puy de Dome (mainly because these are the ones I know best).

La chaine des Puys, emblem of the Puy de Dome, aerial view

Auvergne is the largest province volcanic Europe, please visit account, there are about 200 volcanoes! (extinct volcanoes) what be head of volcanism in France (at least in the ancient volcanoes)...

+ The Puy de Dome and the Chaîne des Puys are of course the most emblematic of this past volcanic activity (and all Regional Natural Park of Volcanoes Auvergne, the brother of Regional Natural Park of Livradois Forez), Vulcania Museum takes the theme of the Auvergne volcanoes to build an amusement park all around!
That said, the tourism Auvergne Volcanoes is relatively small (compared to other region), it has a good potential for new discoveries.
Another exceptional place and yet so discreet Montpeloux with magnificent organ remains near volcanic Saint Anthème (63) was actually put enhanced by an infrastructure and even hosts a music festival.

+ But the Haute Loire is not rest, it also traces of volcanic activity, the Lac du Bouchet, the lava flow of Bourianne, the Miaune mount, the Peyramont mount, the Peatland volcano Mount Bar (1175m) Allègre, also with Mount Baury ... are all truly exceptional places to visit! the prefecture of Haute Loire, the city of Puy en Velay, still bears traces of this ancient geological volcanism including even into the building blocks of its walls! Le Puy en Velay is also the starting point of GR 40 the Volcano Tour Velay, a long hike...
These are volcanic soils that helped villages like Craponne sur Arzon have a good agriculture, this is volcanic soil that gives us all these beautiful forests, these beautiful spurces, with this perfumed mushrooms... in a sense we find the volcanism in the Auvergne cuisine !

+ Why not try to climb the volcanoes of Auvergne in road bike or in hiking ? or maybe you prefer to make a Auvergne motorcycle ride following the theme of volcanoes? passes, turns and descents guaranteed §

Haute Loire created the network "Volcanoes en liberté" (free volcanoes) grouping remarkable volcanic sites in the area, with the aim of promoting public access, preservation sustainable the outstanding natural and cultural areas, there are: Organs and museum Chilhac, Hill Saint Roch, Rock of Langeac, Table volcanic Chanteuges, the rock Servière of Prades, the Organ Trail Monistrol d'Allier, Volcano Salient of Montpeloux to (63), the lava flow Bourianne de Saint Julien d’Ance, the Allègre mount Bar, the Mount Recours de Beaulieu, le Mount Serre de Chaspinhac, the Fortress of Polignac, lthe Aiguilhe rock, Habitat for Troglodytique Couteaux in Lantriac, the waterfall of la Beaume à Solignac sur Loire, Miramande à Saint Jean Malcham, the Lake of Bouchet in Cayres, Arlempdes, the swamp of Ribains à Landos, le Pic du Lizieux d’Araules, le Suc de Chapteuil à Saint Julien Chapteuil, blue Lake and park of lauzière à Champclause, Lake de St Front, Chaudeyrolles, the flows of Saint Clément, the Mount Mézenc (07), the Rocks of Borée (07), Les Boutières : cross of Boutières, the balcony of the circus Boutières, the path of ascent Mézenc near Boutières (07), le Suc de la Lauzière in Le Béage (07), the mount Gerbier de jonc à Saint Martial (07), the Lake and the Suc de Lestrat à Saint Martial (07),la Falaise du Thor à Saint Haon, the flows of Lafarre, le Rocher de Queyrières, l'Hôtel Dieu in Puy en Velay, Les Grottes de Longetraye à Freycenet Lacuche, et le Suc de Ceneuil à Vorey.

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