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Bed and Breakfast Auvergne, Cycling and mountain biking: the Haute Loire has a card to play in the bike!

Auvergne and cycling? review the practical road cycling and mountain biking in Auvergne...

The Bed and Breakfast les Epicéas : label Respirando hiking and cycling / moutain biking !

Aware of its strengths, namely large spaces with a rich and beautiful everywhere and a road network of high quality, not to mention thousands of kilometers of hiking, Auvergne began to actively promote this facet in particular through tourism website:

You will also find tourism routes detailed hiking routes bikers, long itinerant circuits of trekking, various useful addresses (regional and departmental committees cycling), testimonials and basic advice and a presentation of regional tourist points (with documentation)... addressing all bikers as well as cycling, bike racing confirmed to ride more family.
This website seems a necessary detour for those who prepare their trip cycling in Auvergne!

+Haute Loire and cycling
Auvergne has shown the way, and the Haute Loire is not rest

I regret that the Haute Loire is not more development on cycling... there has Regional Natural Park of Livradois Drill which is much famous among cyclists (and motorcycle travelers), thanks to its cols (Col de Chemintrand, col of Supeyres, Col du Beal, Col de la Croix de l'homme mort, col des Dansadoux, col of Pradeaux, col des Fourches, col des Limits, col de Chougoirand, col de Chansert, non-exhaustive list for "cols collectors" !), but we must recognize that the Haute Loire has not yet taken its place in the world of cycling!

Hilly Panorama: A Auvergne tour, touring bike ...

And yet beautiful forests that smell mushroom, nature and wide open spaces, volcanic remnants, beautiful quiet roads ideal for road bikes, ascents and descents for all levels, marked and maintained trails bikers, quality accommodation available (many bed and breakfast and other accommodation all), the tourist points remarkable not lacking... Haute Loire have ALL to become a major destination for cyclists prominently in all cycloguides!

A walk in the forest mountain biking family

Against the attack, however, may have already begun, and not least, Respirando (a website published by the Department for the promotion of outdoor activities in Haute Loire -Auvergne-) begins to give voice to carry Haute Loire and cycling destination to make a real reputation side walks all kinds, including giving ideas circuits and offering stays hiking!

+ For example, close Les Epicéas to Chomelix at least 4 circuits referenced (not mobile and off course channels listed in the article on hiking):

+ Water and forests: loop Chaise Dieu plateau link Chomelix, Monlet, Saint Pal Senouire, La Chaise Dieu, Jullianges, Craponne Arzon.
+ At the foot of the Forez : Loop Valley Retournac starting from Craponne Sur Arzon, Roche Reigner down, then back to Saint Andre Chalencon, Saint Pal de Chalencon and Craponne.
+ Chainmail and frock in Livradois Forez sports Chomelix loop: Chomelix start, towards Saint Pierre du Champ, descent Vorey, rising Arzon Gorges until Bellevue la Montagne, Allègre, Saint Pal Senouire, La Chaise Dieu, Jullianges, then return to Chomelix.
+ Menhir bike and legendary fountain Chomelix 180m ascent, a loop on the back Chomelix countries spanning the Arzon river, medium difficulty with some passages sports.

For more details see page circuits Haute Loire Respirando.

Chomelix is also known for its bike paths that crisscross the entire region, including the way Bolène and path of Caesar (on the road Saint James circuit Cluny - Le Puy en Velay) notice bikers more experienced or amateur (I have various circuits of the region Craponne Chomelix La Chaise Dieu at your disposal if you want , route all levels).
Also Chomelix is the start village Trance Arzon, the opportunity to make different loops hiking and biking, at different levels, some linking Arzon and Ance.

Road Departemental 1 constituting the axis connecting the Puy en Velay Craponne Arzon passes Chomelix (not far from the major axis Puy en Velay, Chaise Dieu, Ambert then Thiers). She dessert all secondary roads to various circuits bike race.

In B & B Les Epicéas, a garage is available to store bikes and other equipment and a small mechanical workshop for repairs and will allow you some maintenance (key, mechanical grease, pliers, vise, etc ... and even some patches if you are lucky he left me ;-), a water point is also at your disposal for any cleaning.
For meal table Breakfast, I can work with you "recovery menus" according to your needs (carbohydrates, vitamins, potassium, etc.).
You will also find in Chomelix what you supply for current products.

Think as provide equipment good shoes, the need for rain, also trailer if possible-bags, possibly for the opportunity to try the Tandem Bike Adventure, and also consider the timing of your scan federations to see all events! It goes without saying much control everything before starting his equipment (bicycle repair kit and others).
Do not hesitate to contact me for information and preparing itinerant circuits!

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