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Bed & Breakfast in Haute Loire ... south of the Auvergne.

Holidaying in Haute Loire?

Above is a video of Gites de France to introduce the Haute Loire

Haute Loire is the least known of the departments of Auvergne, yet it does not lack features!
Small geographic presentation: it is traditionally divided into four regions or countries, from west to east:

- to West light blue, to the Cantal, Brivadois which includes the Gorges de l'Allier and its tributaries, there are small villages like Brioude Langeac Lavoûte-Chilhac Chavaniac-Lafayette (city castle of the Marquis de Lafayette), Lavoûte-Chilhac...

- In green, South from Pradelles (not far from the famous Auberge Red Peyrebeille on the road down to N102 Ardeche by the pass Chavade Meyres) to la Chaise Dieu and the region of Craponne sur Arzon in the Livradois Forez Regional Park thence Puy de Dome (63) is volcanic Velay, the region where is located the Bed and breakfast les Epicéas à Chomelix...

- yellow, Loire Valley and gorges in the center with the Puy en Velay and his rise to Emblavez, villages Vorey, Retournac, Bas en Basset, Aurec sur Loire and more North the Department of Loire Saint Etienne...

- Finally, in the East, Vivarais, which extends south towards the Massif du Mézenc and Ardèche (to Gévaudan), then the Monts du Velay Yssingeaux until North East to the town of Annonay...

Because of its position to the south, most Provençal of the Auvergne, the Haute Loire is called the noon of the Auvergne.
Haute Loire is bordered by the departments bordering Puy de Dome in the north of the Loire Eastern Ardeche in the South and Cantal and Lozère in the West.
Its inhabitants are called Altiligériens.
The department is a rural area but rather dynamic in livestock and especially agriculture. Tourism, yet limited, brings additional wealth.

Haute Loire is a department of the uplands. Its highest point is Mezenc, which rises to 1749 meters (1754 meters for his part Ardèche), where you can see the mountain range of the Alps on a clear day in good conditions (beautiful view).
The lowest point is still 400 meters and 2/3 of the territory beyond 800 meters. Which explains its name from the department of the Loire.
Note: Mont Gerbier de Jonc, the source of the Loire, Haute Ardèche is close to the county boundary with Haute Loire.

Rather temperate continental climate with oceanic influences, is Relatively cool due to the altitude, the goal department is protected by ocean disturbances reliefs of Cantal in the West Mediterranean and disturbance from the south in autumn.

Vegetation, trees and nature
Forests cover a lot of territory with species such as Les Epicéas, firs, pines for softwood conifers as well as hardwoods such as beech, oak, birch and some wild fruit trees (chestnut, cherry, apple).
Due to agriculture and livestock, Haute Loire has a lot of meadows, fields and pastures.

Different access to the Haute Loire:
the main road network forms a Y with Puy en Velay in center (la préfecture), each branch connecting Clermont Ferrand, Saint Etienne, and l'Ardèche south.

Haute Loire in figures (2008):
Population: 218,000 inhabitants
Area: 4977 km2
Density: 44 inhabitants per km2

For more information, please contact the Tourist Office of Puy en Velay:

Office de Tourisme du Puy-en-Velay
2 place du Clauzel
Tél. 04 71 09 38 41 - Fax 04 71 05 22 62 -

Weather Haute Loire

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