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Chambres d'hôtes en Auvergne Le Puy en Velay, La Chaise Dieu, Craponne sur Arzon... Chomelix !

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Auvergne: Bed and Breakfast in Haute-Loire for hiking trails, walks, on horseback, with a donkey, mountain biking...

The hike close to the bed and breakfast !

The Bed and Breakfast les Epicéas label Respirando hiking and mountain biking cycling !

Auvergne regions is still among the wildest France... and Haute Loire does not rest !
Everywhere hiking -tagged and untagged-extend... hundreds of kilometers to find a tour or walk on foot, freedom, a paradise for walkers. Rather judge:
+ In the vicinity of Epicéas, the way of Saint James, more precisely the Cluny - le Puy en Velay route by the voie Bolène, which leads to via Podiensis the GR 65

+ Chomelix, the PR 601 of Gorges de l'Arzon taking the chemin de César until the fontaine de Manigrolle to descend into the gorges de l'Arzon and go up the chateau de l'Arzon, and the little village of Sereys... 20km and good elevation, difficult circuit.

+ Chomelix again, the PR 602 the Suc de Barret Here we take the height of 1030m up to admire the panorama of the Mézenc and the monts du Velay... 15,5km and attention to the good altitude climbing the suc, hard level.

+ Chomelix again, the PR 603 discover the Vallée de la Chamalière, a small wild river tributary of the Arzon... 13,5km, little vertical drop and some parts wet, medium difficulty.

+ Close to Chomelix, the PR 137 discover the Plateau de Beaune sur Arzon, surrounding pine softwood and fields ... 14.5 km vertical drop small but nevertheless hard enough.

+ Accessible on foot from Chomelix, the PR 136 named Autour de la Gouise, Circuit relatively small and easy, it runs a little the Arzon, us to explore beautiful forest, then a view of the Mézenc ... 10.5 km vertical drop small, easily affordable system.
+ Point of signage: short hiking paths (PR) are marked with a yellow rectangle, hiking paths (GR) are marked with a white rectangle on a red rectangle, the cross indicates the path is NOT take.

Above signs to know for hiking...

+ To see the article: Puy en Velay, the crossroads of major hiking (GR65, GR70, GR40, GR3, GR430, GR700). Specialy GR40 passing near Chomelix !

+ See also the article on mushroom picking in the regions of the Chaise Dieu and Craponne sur Arzon !

I will share different hiking trails in the region with pictures and comments here, or some footpaths paths small or large hiking above items will be their dedicated individual, and each time I discover a nice way also ... anyway this article is to evolve! soon as I get some time too! ;-)
Do not hesitate to board or to subscribe to the newsletter.
I appeal to hikers frequent the Velay, the Forez, the Livradois can be licensed club, if you want to share your experiences here you're welcome! (with article and photos if you wish)
+ Cycling and mountain biking:
See detailed article "Auvergne and bike"
Chomelix and its region are crossed by many paths conducive to biking by beautiful roads for cycling routes racing bikes. Hiking enthusiasts or athletes alike will find their account, the family walk for more sporting challenges.

Bed and breakfast les Epicéas, the garage is at your disposal, you can store backpack and walking sticks, park or ATV racing bikes, a small mechanical workshop is at your disposal (key, pumps, patches ...), and a point of water for cleaning ...
Topographic maps of the entire region and guidebooks circuits above.

+ Hiking with donkey in Auvergne !
External link: L'Auvergne hiking with donkey !
Epicéas there is a field, a field that I say, in other words a pantry paradise for donkeys, donkeys, and other Anons! the pleasure of hosting these breakfasts to 4 pattese throughout the region and guidebooks circuits above... ;-)

Websites on hiking, facts:

+ The Departmental Committee of the Hike of Haute Loire, la Croisée des Chemins you will find different circuits, great hiking or walks in the region, of course way of Saint James and organized hikes, discover what the area well! The association publishes guides and also has House Walk Puy en Velay close to the Office de Tourisme...

+ Respirando a website edited by Conseil Général de Haute Loire ensures the promotion and dissemination of all outdoor activities including hiking in all its forms...

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