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Bed and Breakfast La Chaise Dieu : Classical Music Festival in Haute Loire

La Chaise Dieu: Chomelix 15km

Distance Bed and breakfast La Chaise Dieu : 15 km

Gothic abbey to the central square Casadeï

Small medieval village, nestled in the forests of Livradois Forez Mountains on a forest plateau at 1000m altitude (limits of Puy de Dome north of Puy en Velay), the Chaise Dieu is known for its Benedictine abbey with remarkable architecture founded by Saint Robert in 1043.

The road Brioude is a place of exceptional shooting for all photographers
La Chaise Dieu Road to Brioude

Equally remarkable acoustics only allowed to be born International Music Festival of La Chaise Dieu founded by Georges Cziffra (real name György) in 1966 with music concerts and choirs within the same abbey.

The festival is now in the spotlight separation voice / instrument, instruments sometimes forgotten, sometimes with influences from world music, from baroque music to Italian East (Arabic, Persian, Ottoman) via Vienna or Russia! and often honoring renowned composers Mozart, Berlioz, Beethoven, Chopin, Shostakovich, Rachmaninov, Brahms, Johann Sebastian Bach, Scarlatti, Vittoria, Sibelius, Vivaldi, Handel, Liszt, Haydn, Ravel, Stradella, Telemann, Schubert Wagner, Weber ...
Serenades, concertos, symphonies, philharmonic orchestras, bands, cantatas, sonatas, Gregorian chant, polyphony, requiems, choirs and singers and solo capella soprano and baritone ... all the melodies reign supreme.

Organ and Music in the heart of the Abbey

All instruments also find their place: piano, brass (trumpet, horns and horn, valve trombone and slide), clarinet, string instrument, violin, bass and cons bass oboe, bassoon, flute, alarm, bells, and Of course the great organ!
Successfully marry what different emotions, nobility and romance, joy and festivity, stamps more dramatic sadness and melancholy contrast with a gentle dream ... the paris bold led by conductors while remaining popular and accessible.

The Cloister of the Abbey and its garden view from the inside
Inside View: The cloister and garden

Chaise Dieu Festival program : All programming
Tickets, rates and reservation
From the futur program known, I will a summary of all programming.
Possibility of free attend rehearsals before concerts as well as some conferences.

La Chaise Dieu is really a typical village, emblematic, perhaps the most famous of Haute Loire, surely one of the most visited, charm, and one of the most prestigious classical music concert in the World. According to the same enthusiasts and connoisseurs, there is much to say about this little corner of Auvergne.

Les Epicéas B & B are of course available to the festival for all or part of the festival. You can dine earlier breakfast table meal if you want to attend concerts. Farm Les Epicéas was renovated with all the modern comforts.

+ Possible activities in the Chaise Dieu region:

- Swimming in the Plan d'eau de la Tour to exit by going to Ambert, a mountain lake in fresh water!
- Walking and hiking in Lamendie forest and wood Gris to Cistrières, explore the valley Senouire, visit wood Mozun, wooden Maillet, near Forest Signal Saint Claude, see Breuil pond and forest or explore drills to Sembadel and Sembadel-Gare, Jagonaz Wood or the beautiful lake Malaguet
- cycling paths and loops at the start of Chaise Dieu
-Go to the picking mushrooms at good mushroom season
-Do the market mushrooms in autumn (dry mushroom fair, selling dried mushrooms, sometimes tasting omelette with mushrooms)
-See the typical weekly market on Thursday morning,
-Of course, visiting the abbey on the site, see the choir, the nave, the tapestries, the famous Danse Macabre in the Abbey, the burial of lying Pope Clement 6, the cloister and the garden room, the Echo, the tower clementine (square tower)

Danse Macabre La Chaise Dieu
Fresco Danse Macabre in the Abbey

Photo forced-turn on the road Brioude to have the best shot of the village perched Chaise Dieu, amateur or professional photographers go there,
Winter depending on snow, snowshoeing or cross country skiing in the forest

postcard of La Chaise-Dieu, the skier
Legend postcard altitude, the forest, the sun and snow. La Chaise Dieu Haute Loire 1082m altitude tourism center and vacation overview in winter

For more information on the region of the plateau Chaise Dieu:

Tourist Office of La Chaise Dieu countries
Place de la Mairie 43160 Chaise Dieu / fax:
Office of Tourism Chaise Dieu Bed and Breakfast Les Epicéas

Forecast La Chaise Dieu

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Community of Communes Plateau Chaise Dieu

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