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Auvergne: discovery Natural Park of Livradois Forez

Auvergne : The Regional Natural Park of Livradois Forez

Ranging from Allègre Haute Loire south up north Thiers in the Puy de Dome, encompassing Craponne sur Arzon, the Chaise Dieu, Ambert, Mountains of Livradois and much Mountains of Forez, the Livradois Forez Park, along with the Regional Nature Park of the Volcanoes of Auvergne (left), the two lungs of theAuvergne.

You can see Chomelix south-east of the map above

Many wilderness and forests conducive to hiking, still protected space with beautiful scenery and a rich cultural and architectural heritage.
It has some beautiful moutains passes for the main pass of Beal, pass of the Pradeaux, the pass of the Supeyres, the pass Chemintrand...
The cyclists and the bikers make their usual route...
It is the top of the Forez, Pierre sur Haute (1634 m) close to Ambert.
And there are summits of Livradois, Black Wood close Champétières west of Ambert, Bois de Chantelauze, Bois de Combeneyre and Suc de Genestoux mainly.
In the center, Ambert valley, which is a village often described as a "country town", known for its cheese Fourme d'Ambert, the museum of agricultural steam machinery and trains of discovery (below) and Moulin Richard de bas. This small village is very nice to discover ...
Another emblem must Livradois Forez: La Chaise Dieu, medieval village nestled at 1000m altitude in the middle of the forest plateau, famous for its abbey and its music festival.

A tour is edited Route trades Livradois Forez Regional Park brings together artisans, manufacturers, museums and monuments remarkable example:

-The garden earth Arlanc, a large garden 6ha shaped planisphere, adventure and seed plants in the world and the history of explorers to discover for lovers of gardening, nature and plants...

-Tourist trains of discovery, a unique ride for young and old, the train travels past routes and cutting in nature, playful and intelligent discovery for lovers of rail not only...

Near the Epicéas farm you can also discover the valley of the Dore, a wild corner not far from the magnificent Chaise Dieu, a stunning secluded valley and unknown.

If you go on holidays Auvergne want to come and make a trip here Livradois Forez brochures documentation:

Good ideas out close to Lyon, Saint Etienne, Clermont Ferrand...

You also have the Office of Ambert (Puy de Dôme 63):

Office de Tourisme du pays d’Ambert
4 place de l’Hôtel de Ville
63600 AMBERT
Tél : 04 73 82 61 90 - Fax : 04 73 82 48 36 -

The natural park has a development charter to combine quality of life of residents and tourism mastered.
-For an insight into life in Livradois Forez or any information : The house of Livradois Forez Regional Park.

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