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Bed and breakfast: Le Puy en Velay, cultural and spiritual !

Puy en Velay: cultural and spiritual volcano in Auvergne... 30km of Chomelix !

Distance bed and breakfast Le Puy en Velay: 30km

One of the four capitals of Auvergne, center of the Department of Haute Loire, at an altitude of about 800 m in the heart of volcanic Velay, the city of Le Puy en Velay still shows remnants of the many past volcanic activity: through its reliefs immediate the dyke Notre Dame de France with Virgin Mary that imposing throne on top of the rock Corneille in the middle of the city, also passing through the Aiguilhe Rock or masterful medieval fortress Polignac and including even into the stones that built the buildings over time, until the richness of its soil, Puy en Velay is volcanic!

Cathedral of Notre Dame of the Annunciation in Puy en Velay front view

In the more recent past, we can not omit religious history: Notre Dame Cathedral of the Annunciation and its cloister exceptional (such as theChaise Dieu), sanctuary St. Joseph, and of course as mentioned above for their attributes volcanic rock and its chapel of Saint-Michel Aiguilhe and the rock Corneille with statue of Notre Dame of France inaugurated in 1860 and carried out based cannon of the Battle of Sebastopol, which really became the emblem of Puy en Velay. Every summer Day August 15 is also an opportunity to celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary by thousands of people, all accommodations in the region are attacked.

Puy en Velay is also the start of the "Via Podiensis" (GR65), one of the pilgrimage routes way of Saint James (with the Via Turonensis, la Via Lemovicensis and la Via Tolosane).

The town of Puy en Velay recently implemented real hikes discovery that will wind through the historic relics and tours. There is also a tourist train.
Puy en Velay is still a city "human scale" which exudes a feeling of closeness with people and a strong historical past which still gives a medieval charm. Add to this a constant desire maintenance and enhancement of the urban heritage, the organization of festivals, fairs and markets, but really one of the prettiest towns in France.

Puy en Velay its also:

+ The green lentils of Puy en Velay (AOC): One of the best iconic Auvergne cuisine to the growing fame!
Ideal culture, land volcanic Velay altitude and climate protection allow plants lens optimal development, ensuring a constant quality taste...
Cooks are largely interested for several reasons: original vegetables, easy to cook, finesse on the palate, its nutritional characteristics, slightly sweet taste... so much so that some even prepare the dessert with a chocolate sauce!
For my part, in addition to traditional recipes essential "pig with lens" and other "salads lens", in breakfast I have a weakness for simple lentil soup ! I think the green lentils of Puy en Velay lends itself well to both its fine taste its low starch content (it is a little less "floury" taste but has no problem connecting and holds up well during cooking), I regularly prepares , the lens soup is a simple dish, traditional: essential.
These are all points that distinguishes lentil of Puy and other lenses make it a really apart.
For those who follow a specific diet (to lose weight and others) or a close interest in the food composition, it is deemed to have a low proteins, against being rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, as well as iron, magnesium and minerals and trace elements...
For more information on the culture of lens in Haute Loire on history and origins of the lens, his coming from Asia to Auvergne, internet sites of the Brotherhood Green Lentils du Puy,
Note: Craponne sur Arzon we have now the green lentils saint georgeoise of Jardin de Didier !

AOC Grenn lens of Puy en Velay

+ Liquor Verbena: another iconic product of the Auvergne and the volcanic Velay !
Simply digestive or to accompany some desserts (mainly as verbena ice for example), the Liquor Verbena is own real local tradition! so much so that almost everyone in the area can give you his "true recipe" of Liquor Verbena...
Attention, the term "Verbena Velay" is actually the brand liquor distillery verbena Pagès.
Moreover, in reality we should be talking OF Liquor Verbena (or alcohol verbena), so there are recipes... Manufacturing methods have not changed: infusions by mixing and distilling verbena leaves and other flavors from different plants, the possible combinations are great, but the secrets manufacturing are well kept! Alcohol more often dry or sweet, verbena is ready to taste "winemaking".
Distilleries Company Pages can still be visited, there is even a small museum in Le Puy. Another liquor verbena, Verbena Craft, he raced in the market.

+ Puy en Velay its also Feast of the Renaissance King Bird !
This festival is an opportunity to dress up and participate in reenactments of the time ... in a festive atmosphere in the middle of the street performers and musicians, you will discover the different events planned ...
Feast of Renaissance King Bird is part of the Euro XVI which includes the holiday Lessines (Belgium) Tortosa (Spain), Wittenberg (Germany), Bretten (Germany), Thiene (Italy), Haderslev (Denmark) ...
Warning: do not talk about folklore! every year the festival seeks to improve its likelihood in historical detail and we must recognize that in the town of Puy itself has a real side "medieval old" that lends itself well to this entry Renaissance!
Big or small, why not indulge and become an actor of this adventure that combines role-playing and travel back in time to discover the past of Puy en Velay and its region?
Information, costume rental, prices

Feast of the Renaissance King Bird

+ International Balloon Rally, a festival of balloons!
To end the summer in style, this is the last rally of the year, crews take off ... these strange flying objects and multifaceted multicolored dot the sky and offer dozens of magical!
Departures are in municipalities near Le Puy is an opportunity to discover the wind the wealth ofHaute Loire. Certainly, a glance at altitude and different views of our villages, as experience unusual journey ...
The association also offers first flight in all seasons! Ready for your first flight?
Ps: subject to favorable weather conditions

+ Interfolk Folk Festival
Puy en Velay is at the heart of the world and the world is at the heart of Puy? For a few days, folklores and folk traditions from around the world are highlighted! Musicians and dancers in traditional costumes drive the Velay ... This is an opportunity to share, discover other cultures of the world, other musical rhythms, other uses and customs, other myths...
Street entertainment and theme nights are organized.

+ Puy en Velay start point of walking trails at the center of the Haute Loire :
Le Puy is a real prerequisite for hikers, in addition to the way of Saint James (which coincides with the GR 65 from the Lozère) there are several paths "Great Excursion" (GR) that are both fun and beautiful:

- Way Stevenson (GR70) to Saint Jean du Gard down by the Lozère. Follow in the footsteps of the famous writer traversing the southern volcanic Velay, Gevaudan, Lozère to the Cévennes ... This is an opportunity to read or reread his book "Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes" both funny and touching, the right way to reconcile a page of history with real life setting contextualized in geography.
- Volcanic Velay Tour, exploration volcanic Velay (GR 40) down Vorey on Arzon north of Puy en Velay to join the southern volcanic Velay near the High Ardèche, this circuit like this almost perfect circle around the Puy en Velay is a must for those who want a fun excursion on Auvergne volcanoes ! therefore also ideal for a discovery stay with her children, this course was renovated in 2009 ... You can easily access this course from the guesthouse, it is ten kilometers.
Suggestion improvement GR40: what a pity that this route does not pass through the lava flow Bouriane just a few miles to the north! It is true there are so many sites that you can not connect all consistently for a hike ... but I am confident in adding a few kilometers through Roche Regnier, Miaune Mount forest and its vestiges volcanic back to the Ance gorges to the lava flow Bouriane, which is really an exceptional site, return to Craponne sur Arzon then Chomelix and its hinterland (Gorges Arzon prerequisite ...) then resume Volcano Tour GR 40 course with Allègre and the Mount Bar !

- The path of the Loire (GR3), which winds along the Gorges de la Loire to approach the source of the Mont Gerbier Rush to high Ardèche, this hike is fully dedicated to the river. A note that this trail offers multiple opportunities due to passage through the stations along the route, you can modulate your walks, or do several times and return by train.
- The Way of Saint Regis (GR430) down to the high Ardeche by Mézenc, Meygal Vivarais in the footsteps of this tireless evangelizer.
- Regordane (GR 700) 240 km from Saint-Gilles du Gard and the Camargue below Nimes via Pradelles, the Cévennes and Ales... a page of history following the old path of embarkation for the Holy Land.
Warning: what are Great Hiking paths (GR) so better to have a small physical preparation, provide a window of several days to make, have adequate equipment - good shoes, and do not hesitate to ask your doctor's opinion about your ability...
+ Le Puy en Velay is also the country lace...
And craft lace is still present in Haute Loire ! Even if today the mechanization replaced for many the lace, their time and their tile, lace has not ceased to be still an refined fashion and decoration, we can clearly see in haute couture. dentelier art is still taught today, including seamstresses courses.
Apprentices lace sue should visit the site

+ Crozatier Museum: a cultural versatile heart of Velay!
The bottom of the garden Henri Vinay in the heart of Le Puy en Velay, Crozatier museum oscillates between art and science exhibitions highlight areas from painting, geology, sculpture, lace Puy its origin and history, archeology, history-in-general, paleontology ... He even successfully hosted the famous exhibition "Mammoths & Cie", with the baby mammoth Khroma!
A place full of surprise...
Bref, Le Puy en Velay:
-the traditional weekly market takes place on Saturday morning Square du Plot
-the city of Puy en Velay is the prefecture of Haute Loire and the largest city of the department (about 70,000 inhabitants with agglomeration)

Some of the elements above are not exhaustive, there are many events throughout the year, fairs and exhibitions, probably I'll add as ... Puy en Velay is really the center of the Haute Loire !

If you are looking accommodation in the region of Le Puy en Velay, do not hesitate to contact me, Puy en Velay is only 30 km from the bed and breakfast les Epicéas (in Chomelix), the route is direct and fast.
To plan a route directly with the GPS coordinates of the guest house and have more information on the different possible access go to this page page Accés détaillé.)

For further information, do not hesitate to contact the Tourist Office of Puy en Velay:

Office de Tourisme du Puy-en-Velay
2 place du Clauzel
Tél. 04 71 09 38 41 - Fax 04 71 05 22 62 -

Weather in Puy en Velay

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