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Bed and breakfast, way of Saint James in France Cluny route to Le Puy en Velay Via Podiensis the GR65 by Lyon

Road to Via Podiensis GR 65 follow via Bolène: accommodation, step on the way of Saint James in the course Cluny - The Puy en Velay

In France, it is customary to say that "all roads lead to Rome"... and if all roads led to way of Saint James instead of ?
Spiritual pilgrimage for some, sports hiking for others, to follow the way of Saint James is first and foremost a human adventure, you can be a believer or not, practicing Catholic or other, is most not find it? at least this is the testimony that allows each walker, each pilgrim, a experience meetings, charity and hospitality ... No need to be a great sportsman, you can do it in sections at your own pace, some do it with a donkey, others mountain bike. Experience between the hiking, the beautiful scenery, the wealth of new knowledge...

Follow the "shell of way of Saint James":

Follow the road to Saint James is to embark on one of the main routes: via Turonensis by Tour and via Lemovicensis by Limoge north and to the south by the Tolosane via Toulouse and finally to the nearest Les Epicéas, via Podiensis GR 65 by Puy en Velay. The start can be anywhere.

To Les Epicéas B & B I suggest a stop on the way Bolène coming from Lyon (and Circuit Cluny - Le Puy en Velay ) and passes just rated by Chomelix (sometimes merging with path of Caesar).
A resting place on your route to refuel energy, you are pilgrims and walkers.
You can clean your clothing, Dining, showering and of course the main, sleep!
I can also prepare picnic if you want...
Do not hesitate to contact me for any information or services, especially if you want to prepare the circuit Cluny - Le Puy en Velay, I am at your disposal.

After crossing the Forez entered into Auvergne Haute Loire in Regional Natural Park of Livradois Forez, passed south of Craponne Arzon and Chaise Dieu, you can continue on your way via Bolène in the volcanic Velay down to Puy en Velay by Saint Paulien and Polignac to start this time via Podiensis...

Useful links, sites on the way of Saint James and more specifically the GR 65, via Podiensis through Bolène:

+ Way Bolène: its history
+ Tourist Puy en Velay, Via Podiensis GR65
+ Preparing pilgrimage of Saint James

Regarding the section Cluny Le Puy en Velay in particular, or any passage in the Rhône Alpes association Friends of Saint James offers a very comprehensive website full of good advice: credential (book Pilgrim Credential) cards , routes, guides and guidebooks, practical information on the necessary preparations, take care of their health during the pilgrimage, prepare her bag, finding companions routes, where to eat, where to sleep, many tips as well as testimonies of travels with some more spiritual...
If you are looking for a home jacquaire (volunteers "donativo" within your means) in agreement with the Friends of Saint James available on Chomelix I suggest you contact:
Mr And Mrs COLOMBAT Gilles and Veronique
04 71 03 38 04

Please note:
+ Following the path Bolène to Lyon can be traced back to the path via the Gebennensis Geneva and ViaJacobi...

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